The Carrot And Stick

Something amusing is when smugly self-satisfied pundits, and politicians are discussing policy regarding an issue requiring behavioral change:  Change, or else.  They discuss the use of what they call “the carrot and stick approach.”  The carrot is a reward, usually with monetary value of a sort.  The stick is punishment if the option of reward is not chosen.   It’s from an old fable about a man with a donkey and a cart full of carrots.  The donkey won’t budge, so the man uses every trick he can think of.  He bribes the donkey with a carrot.  That doesn’t work.  He hits the donkey with the stick.  That doesn’t work.  He then ties the carrot on the end of the stick, holds it past the donkey’s head just out of reach, and the donkey moves forward trying to get a bite of it.  Presto, the cart moves.  It just shows the shallow understanding, and lack of subtlety “successful people” possess; to completely miss the point of such a simple story - proof they are two-dimensional in their thinking.

Balancing morality against wealth is predicated on a cataclysm that has yet to befall.

The practice won’t be condemned until the calamity arrives.  Too late, exactly.

The environment is anywhere one happens to be.  This could be on a spot in what wild nature remains, or it could be dead center amid urban sprawl.  Nature is a vague term open to smug debate and rebuttal:  “We’re natural, so whatever we do is natural.  If we completely cover the earth with our own constructs, that is still nature.”  Being born of an organic form evolved across eons on earth, mainly long before any human constructs supplanted the planet’s own organic condition, do humans require an environment with at least some presence of the planet’s organic condition in order to possess all the characteristics inherent to their own organisms?

Organic / Synthetic Environs

It is widely asserted that the environment must be conserved in order to ensure the survival of the human species.  This cannot be disputed.  Some would contend this survival doesn’t require a totally organic environment, and even postulate that a completely synthetic environment would suffice as long as certain parameters with regard to toxins and temperature are maintained.  However, assertions that access to pristine nature in a certain proportion within the environment is necessary to maintain the correct conditions required by the human species to ensure overall health and well-being are secured have not been effectively disputed.