Itzal Otsoa
    Money is funny.  It turns people into very unpleasant beings.  They begin pleasantly enough, but wind up using the exigencies of their economics system as justification to adjust their demeanor according to how they perceive another's economic success, or lack thereof.  They reserve a right to present a severe countenance, and find acceptable a willingness to exercise extremes.  Rather than commit this level of intensity to devising an equitable and magnanimous economic management system, they agree with the conclusion that nothing can be done to alter circumstances, therefore all concerned must bend to the conditions which exist.

      To even consider alternatives is seen as a waste of time, which could indeed be intentional, and therefore worthy of greater scorn.  It's pretty much, "Everybody else is doing it, so enlightened self-interest requires I do it as well, regardless of how I claim to disagree with it as a method and process, and how much I might yearn for foundational change."  Everyone then shares in this precept ensuring no change to the existing system is even considered.  This while fully aware of how severely destructive and detrimental the present system is to those it's supposed to serve.

     A corollary is that everyone but scant few abhors their own life, wishing it all to be different, but with no idea with what to replace it.  Only those achieving, or hoping to achieve, great wealth whole-heartedly agree with the system in place.  Such a vast majority disagrees with organizing the lives of everyone on the planet around a monetary system that has never demonstrated a benevolence to the planet's inhabitants, and only presented benefits to those willing to circumvent and victimize their fellow man - labeling as cowards those not willing to follow their same abandonment of morality, that its continuation is in itself a matter for deep study.

      It is so pervasive even so-called "indigenous peoples" now are not recognized to have a natural, or inalienable, right to the lands of their ancestors because someone bought them from within a system in which those same people were restricted from participation.  The bank becomes the temple of the final religion initiated and installed over the inhabitants of an entire planet by those with no right to do so, but indeed with the power.  Leaders, those in democracies pledged to represent the interests of the citizenry instead represent those of the monied people in exchange for electioneering funding - selling out their own people for a pitiful advancement.

     Academics entrusted with studying this modern science of economics, tenured in the existing university system, rather than investigating in detail any variations or alternatives to this present method of organizing an economy have specialized
in milking this system for anything they can squeeze from it, while propagating the myth that the only alternatives to this system they're exploiting are failed systems based upon the theories and polemics of Karl Marx.  Much like a religion formed to bleed power and wealth from people it's intended to serve, this priesthood of modern economics claims there to be a good (capitalism) and evil (communism) with nothing but the two, thus justifying their abdicating a role of exploration and investigation to assume one of supreme exploitation.

      Many of the academic leaders in this field rent themselves out as consultants to major players in their own country, and abroad, while still employed by university systems, claiming this isn't a conflict of interest, and therefore a corrupt practice.  Rather than generating prosperity for the inhabitants of the planet, the system they drive forth generates wealth for but a few.  They see no problem with this.  In fact, they claim ultimately life is a game with winners and losers.  People who complain about this, or who fail at winning the game, are just complaining losers who needn't be heard. 

      They've even allowed the breaching of the threshold whereby money was never loaned to people with no means of income, or credible credit record.  They allow students who have never held a job, who additionally have nothing to serve as collateral, to borrow up to hundreds of thousands of dollars, accruing a debt they could never hope to pay off.  In order to play act their moral imperative charade, they then revoke many rights and privileges of these students until they pay off these debts their own calculations demonstrate cannot be paid off.

     In millenia past such people who took advantage of the weaknesses of the greater population, or exploited by deceit, when found out were exiled into wilderness, or publicly horse-whipped, or tarred and feathered and ridden out of town on a rail.  Today they are offered positions on corporate boards, prizes, accolades and privilege.  They comprise but five-percent of the population but control and possess more than 85% of the world's wealth, and the other 95% is helpless to do anything about it, as they are either hobbled by ignorance of how the system works, have been duped into believing in the religion and become followers themselves, or they are convinced regardless of what anyone tries, nothing can be done.  To further exacerbate matters, the police and military hired and paid by the tax payers are used by these exploiters (who professionally dodge tax payment) to hold the tax payers at bay should they rise up and insist something be done about the situation.  These policemen and soldiers will even turn their guns on their own family members in defense of this wealthy sect whose loyalty to them in return is composed of further deception, and immoral use.  Interesting, no?
Notes On A Dollar
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