Itzal Otsoa
     Physicists like to assert it's possible there are several parallel universes.  They then smugly, feeling quite clever and inventive as they do, claim that this means there could be another you.  Yes, grown men and women making their livings as scientists (some actually in universities influencing people's educations) claiming it's possible there are two, and possibly more of you.  The fact you do not perceive them, and this imaginary them doesn't perceive you doesn't seem to matter much to their thinking. They believe their math has demonstrated this assertion as fact, and that's all that's necessary.  If you don't accept them at their word in lieu of actually understanding what they're saying, then you're the fool, not they.  Oh sure, they'll be generous of spirit and understandingly console you since " is difficult for the average person to grasp."

     What they fail to realize is yes there are two realities.  They are not parallel, and they are not remote from one another.  Neither does the existence of the two require there be two of anyone.  There are the actual reality, and the misapprehended reality, the one colored by our proclivities, preconceived notions and acquired confusion.  There is the actual reality which has always existed as it does, and then there's the fabricated reality overlaying it in the minds of people.  Of course, the people part of it is what we're discussing as the reality itself doesn't misapprehend itself.  We're discussing our perception of the reality we're in.   It is apparent even the physicists have difficulty distinguishing between the two.  One of the reasons for this is, the fabricated reality was created by humans for the purposes of deceiving one another, and even themselves.  It was intended to be mistaken for the actual reality.

     A famous guy once said, "The smartest thing the Devil did was convince us he doesn't exist."  Though there may be truth in that statement, that's not the object of this discussion.  Rather, the nature of that sentence is.  Today it's considered intelligent to ridicule the notion of reality as a concept.  If you wish to be ridiculed, bring up the idea of reality before a group of collegians.  Apparently, reality no longer exists.  Yes, I know it's hard to believe, but there it is.  The most clever among us have concluded after much application of the if/then process (being convinced of the infallibility of their brains as perfect organic computers when used correctly) reality isn't real.  No, don't you ridicule.  This is very telling, though quite inadvertently so.

     These self-same geniuses will indeed eat food when their empty bellies, which don't actually exist, start rumbling.  They know where to find the food, in this place that isn't real, as well.  All that aside, there remains this dichotomy of views, one actual, one a fable.  Consider which is the most significant to master.  Consider mastering one is exclusive of the other.  Consider when choosing to master the humanly-fabricated reality, should that reality fall away leaving only the actual reality, how inept you would be within actuality.
Too Many Of Us!
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