Itzal Otsoa
     The moment has come when the great deceivers since time immemorial are now using our language against us.  Such would not be possible but for our own laxity in demanding of ourselves, and others, precision and lucidity with this evolutionary gift which advances civilization over primality.  As rust never sleeps, neither do those who would set us against one another for their purposes of vindicating their claims of the foregone conclusion that we are failures to the designs of the divine.  It matters little why they set themselves up as champions for the demise of the architect of existence.  It may be they themselves are deceived.  It may be they garner perverse pleasure in causing suffering and confusion.  It may be they are possessed of the same vision held by demons of wanton destruction, who in their own realization that they cannot create, must then destroy to fabricate an imagined dominance over an existence wherein their part is to serve.

     What matters to us is, our civilization is in peril because we allowed complacency, comfort and convenience to distract us from the substantial and edifying fruits of true education.  We allowed our schools and universities to become mere employment training centers to serve the economic appetite.  In so doing we failed ourselves as a species and opened ourselves up to relentless erosion by the willfully ignorant who have always been among us.  We allowed personal preferences for carnal gratification override our duty to vigilance.  Now, we must extricate ourselves or pay the ultimate price just as the mountains succumb to become sands - just as the mighty tree is laid low by the constant intrusions of time.

     The hour is dire.  The years of gentle remonstrance and kindly correction were replaced with wise warnings and fortellings of misfortune.  Yet, the race toward opulence and self-gratification surged, and  the enemy is at last upon us.  Armed with intentional equivocation, they aim to rewrite knowledge itself.  They operate under the guise of making truth at last free from subjective distortions driven by conspirators.  Yet, they claim
the advancement of evolution is an assault upon the tossed aside, time-honored ways of old.  They claim to advance ourselves is to become the ones who are wantonly destroying the past.

     You will not defeat them meeting force with force.  The best to be hoped for there is a tragically diminishing stalemate.  They can only be defeated with establishing unerring and precise truth.  The language can no longer be used as a flexible source of permissiveness, for it is our only weapon.  It is the only tool which can decisively vindicate or invalidate any point of view, or perspective.  In this regard, responsibility to our historical account as an unimpeachable narrative, despite how this may reflect upon one group, or another, must be achieved as this is the ground upon which the conflict will be fought.

     All sides wishing victory by defeating an imagined opponent have thus far, and for centuries, advocated manipulation of these two things to gain decisive advantage - the language and the narrative.  To be a culture of integrity these two elements of said culture must be impervious to manipulation by anyone, agenda or vested interests will out.  The only way this can be achieved is for that society to agree it must be done, and then take the steps to ensure what was agreed to is animated.  This is the will of the people, not the will of some people over that of others.

     Though all involved may believe this issue is between themselves, the major concern should be:  How does the divine see this?  I assure all, the divine does not see the inhabitants of earth as many different people with honest issues of conflict with one another.  The divine sees all the people of the world as children of the divine.  What we see as insurmountable, the divine does not.  The conflict we bring upon ourselves in the end damages and destroys our children; their lives and the conditions of their futures.  Of all things we do to displease the divine, this numbers as the worst.  Forbearance may be expected with regard to this, but I assure all, the divine will not be interested in our rationales and excuses.  The divine will, however, have it well in mind how many children our self-inflicted confusion has cost.
War Of Words
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