I hate the bargain of your society.
It took more than it ever gave to me.
And, in the end alleged prosperity
turned out to be the biggest scam.

I never meant to focus on my self,
or the items collecting on my shelf.
But, rising, angry demands of the delph
shook the center of who I am.

As the time and tides went rolling past
and shadows on the dreams were cast
growing doubt on how long we'd last
found us not giving a damn.

We're looking Future in the eye,
wonderin' 'bout when we all die,
the same questions of how and why,
we've had since we began.

When you come across me there,
and think I shoulda cut my hair,
remember: I ducked despair
and dodged the mortal program.
Thoughtfully Loveless
I just dropped back
into the government hack.
It won't stay, I came to find,
in the forefront of my mind.
But, now and then as fate would have it
appears a digital bunny rabbit
where but a moment ago
stood a Conan warrior bro.

Heavy dudes say,
"Keep focus night and day.
Mister Man is on your case,
so don't relax your resting face."
And, no matter how much I type
there only appears digital tripe.
(I do wish life was something more
than utterly easy to ignore.)

does not count you see.
(You knew the entire time.)
No dough? No show. No rhyme.
With no substance behind the me
why spy on nothing to see?
Let them track my strokes.
It's the punchline of the joke.