Thick fog-muffled snap
resounding through misty wood
unclothes shrouded soul.
Hearth bucks departure.
Coziness frigidly robbed.
Yet, rime redresses.
Masking waves beckon
luring into bathyal depths.
Grains of sand hold fast.
Such was not to be.
Through glass is nature defied
looking down on clouds.
Breeze challenges sun.
Nodding thistle evades bee.
Time yields the moment.
Soft, night time entrance,
blithely covering the land;
silently sings snow.
The force I'm fighting,
corroborate by bending light,
or holding my foot
Red clover florets
delight eager bumblebees.
Sun-baked fence row beams.
Against azure sky
slate crag solidly jutting;
hiker relaxes.
The gloaming sets in.
Across carmine cotton soil
daring bluebirds streak.
Fluorescent-flood lamp
illuminates looming tree.
Moths duck diving bats.